Referral program

You can make big money by referring people to me 🤑👇


I create websites and apps.


It's an experiment, for now 🙂 (not the creating sites/apps part, but the referral program, lol).

How much?

Clients pay me ~$15k on average for a website. A native iOS/Android app usually averages out at ~$60k. I will pay you 10% (maxed out at $5k) for every referred project that I take on.


This is not automated, so I'll have to go through an actual conversation with the referred client. If I take on the project, I will transfer 10% of the agreed upon price to your bank account (or whatever other payment method you prefer).

All you really have to do, is to let people know about my services. To attribute a referred client to you, just let me know his/her name (if you found this site, chances are you know me personally and already have a way to contact me). Alternatively, if the client mentions your name instead, that's just as fine.

Note: If you want to participate in this referral program, please let me know about it before you refer anyone. If it just happens so that you haven't informed me before for whatever reason, it's no deal breaker, but it would actually help if you did.


Tony Stark saying "That is an excellent question"

Nobody has actually asked me these questions yet. This is just some additional info I deemed somewhat relevant 😃

What websites / apps do I build?

I specialize in creating startup-kind MVPs (Minimum Viable Products) and prototypes. I also take those same ones to the next level by scaling and extending them into the market.

Feature-wise, characteristics of suitable projects commonly are:

  • Offers partly distinct content or features to users (think: differentiates every user for a reason. Often, but not only, through user accounts)
  • E-commerce
  • Has a somewhat extensive UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience)
  • Has social media vibes
  • Solves a real-world problem in an industry or population segment

This list is not exhaustive and exceptions can apply as every project is unique.

For the most part, I do not fancy creating pure presentational business websites for your average corner shop or wellness studio (I'm probably too expensive for this kind of shite anyway).

How do you convince people to get a website / app from me?

I don't have a generic answer for this, but you can reach out to me with any specific questions about my offer, if you think that knowing the answer would help.

However, here is a take on the question from a slightly different angle:

I don't think it's a good idea to randomly convince people to get a website or shit. Instead, if someone informs you they need a website for their business or they have an app idea in mind, you can simply tell them to get in touch with me. If I think it makes sense for both sides, I will do my "convincing" in a prior meeting. The goal shouldn't be to rip money from people, but help them in the most sincere way and get paid fairly in return.

What materials can I provide to you?

For starters, you can use my website. Just give them the link. Or give them my phone number. You either have it already or can get it from here.

I've also created a QR code (just to be extra) which you can let people scan. It will redirect them to the contact page. Download the image, bookmark it in your browser, or create a shortcut on your phone - I don't care.

On the contact page, you can also find some reviews of people who worked with me in the past. On the projects page you can showcase examples of my past projects and client work.

Any caveats about the 10% share?


  1. I need to have received at least a partial payment from the referred client. After that, you'll get your share.

  2. Occasionally I bill by time instead of by project. Logically, you can't attach a total price tag to a time-billed project as long as it's not finished. In this case, I will send you 10% of whatever has been paid after 3 months (or earlier, if the project ends before).

  3. Not a caveat, because I mentioned it already, but I want to be super clear about everything: The 10% share is capped at $5k maximum.

Any other questions?

I am pretty sure you'll find a way to contact me.