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This is a minimalistic React Native app that allows you to create habits and start them. When you kick off a habit, your credit card is charged an amount that you defined at habit creation time and then have 24 hours to finish what you pledged to do. If you can finish it in time, you get your money back (which really feels like a detached payout because of the time in between). If you don't make it, you don't get your money back.

You can find a more detailed description on the Good Tendency website.

I've solely created because I wanted help with Australian bushfires. A way to contribute and help animals and people suffering from the catastrophe. On my list of project ideas (of which I am sure 99.9% won't see the daylight ever), this was the simplest with a financial twist. As a bonus, it's in my favorite area of topics anyway: Habits and productivity. So I sat down and spun up an MVP in a few days.

Even though it seems like at the time of writing (mid-February 2020), the fires thankfully are mostly extinguished, I will proceed with this project as a guinea pig for marketing exercises.

In any case, I pledge to still allocate the bulk of any future profits to good deeds. Today it may go to relieve the disastrous aftermath of the Australian bushfires, tomorrow it could go to the wellbeing of stray dogs.

Sadly, there will always be enough problems in the world.

Development and Beta Testing

Although the technical development went incredibly quickly, there were a few fundamental issues with Stripe refunds and paybacks, that I had to solve to make it work as desired. That stretched the time investment to a few weeks.

After I've had the fundamental technical issues resolved, and the MVP was ready to be tested. I found some great folks who beta tested the app. For this, I went out into the various communities for startups and indie hackers. I also applied some slick marketing tactics - for instance, I went through similar projects on Product Hunt and reached out to people who have liked or commented on those.

On a side note: I love learning new stuff, so I used this side project to explore another to that day foreign technology: Svelte, a website precompiler at heart.

Visit the app landing page (built with Svelte) or download it to your phone: