Bookit Sports

A social app for the sports betting community.


Bookit Sports is the social network for the sports betting scene.

Despite the constant political and societal difficulties of the industry, the incredibly dedicated and talented team behind Bookit has set out to build a place for the sports betting community, which feels like home. This is important, because all major existing social networks are practically unfit for this kind of content.

With some seed funding, several beta testers and goal of becoming the primary social platform for sports bettors, Bookit Sports needed help launching an MVP in the app stores and driving user engagement.


Under extreme time pressure and just a vision of the product we set out to build an MVP to launch into the app stores and validate the business model. The team was new, and we had to get lots of features into the Bookit Sports app.


As the app is built with React Native, I mainly led the development of social features like feeds and posts, API integration, and various exploratory / architectural tasks.


After just a few months of launching Bookit Sports has grown a community of >15k active sports bettors and was able to validate the business model. This can be attributed to every single member of the team, who did a spectacular job. Every marketer, developer, and executive manager has contributed to the vast success of Bookit Sports, and I am proud that I was allowed to be a link in the chain.

Trent Attyah
CEO & Founder Bookit Sports

The @BookitHQ app will be available for public download on Sunday. I am so proud of the entire development team who has been working night and day to finish this product. I have to give a huge shoutout to one of our incredibly talented developers @mxmzb for his amazing work.