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My book "Freelance Fortune" is for everyone who wants to learn freelancing as a software engineer. I will walk you through my learnings that made me $600k in less than a year. The main goal is to set you up with a thriving freelancing career as quickly as possible.

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Who is this for?

Who am I?

I have never been employed in my life. I learned HTML and CSS with 15 years of age because I wanted to help my mother sell her paintings online. I onboarded my first two clients shortly after, and had a fairly good career. But for the past 3 years, the business went through the roof. While people were mass-hired and shortly later mass-fired by big corporations, I crossed $600k in my final year.

I extracted everything I learned from that story in this book to serve it as a handbook for myself and a guide book of new paradigms for future freelancers. That way I always can come back to my notes and make myself aware of timeless tactics and practices which I can rely on.

Chapters list

  1. Introduction

    My freelancing story at a glance, and what made me write this book

  2. Hello World: Bootstrapping your freelance career

    What to be aware, how to start, what to do.

  3. Learning the Legal Landscape

    Navigating taxes, regulations, compliance, and company setup.

  4. Jack of all Trades

    The truth about your skills.

  5. Who am I?

    Crafting your brand identity and how to emit it.

  6. Get ready to show

    How to prepare your portfolio, CV, and other documents.

  7. Pricing for Prosperity

    A Freelancer's Financial Guide.

  8. Meta Mastery

    Cultivating confidence, proactivity, and resilience

  9. The lead system

    Step by step instruction to signing a deal.

  10. The magnet blueprint

    How to make clients come to you.

  11. In Sync with Clients

    Managing Expectations and Requirements.

  12. Harnessing AI

    How to stay ahead in a changing world and increase your productivity with AI.

  13. Scaling for success

    How improvements can grow you as a solopreneur.

More goodies inside?

Get Freelance Fortune — $59